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Seven Frogs - A Spiritual Short Story

A group of seven frogs were hopping through the meadows, following the trail of grass that was greener than the rest, entering a small creek at the end of the trail. As they entered the sheltered creek, they failed to notice a deep pit that was right there at one side. Suddenly, the two frogs in the front fell into the pit. When the other five saw this, they were alarmed, and went forward to lend a helping hand. But, as they realized how deep the pit was, and how far the other two had fallen, they were taken aback, and were completely disheartened, not knowing how to save them. Meanwhile, the two frogs that had fallen were struggling to jump out. But, every time, they tried, they only ended up falling deeper and getting more bruised.

The five frogs that waited outside, conversed amongst themselves, and reached the conclusion that trying to jump out was going to be completely futile, as it would only bring more struggle, misery and pain. So, they went ahead and told the other two frogs to stop struggling, give up, and fall further, as that would lead to an easier death without struggle. Inside the pit, they were already dead after all.

Initially, both the frogs inside, seemed to be ignoring such comments by the other five, and went on trying their best to jump up out of the pit with all their might. But again, every time they tried, they fell harder and became more wounded. Unable to watch this, the other frogs kept on yelling at them to stop, and that they were as good as dead already, but neither paid a heed.

With time, as both became severely injured, one of them thought that perhaps the frogs outside, were correct, as they were also the majority. How could the majority assess the situation wrongly? He felt obviously it were the two of them who were wrong, and perhaps the one that’s still trying is really mad to think that there still is some hope left. And so, he thought it was a more logical idea to give up, and let go. He allowed himself to fall deeper into the hole and died. But, the other frog was still trying, He continued to jump as hard as he could, but repeatedly kept falling. The frogs outside once again, yelled at him to stop the pain and misery, and just die, but he just won’t stop! The other frogs wondered what was wrong with him.

Inside the hole, the frog went on trying to figure out what could really be the escape route, and discovered three points where he could jump. He realized that not one, but perhaps three combined jumps would get him out of darkness. Finally, he jumped again, but this time, not harder, but more mindfully, and made it out. The frogs outside were astonished at what had just happened. They said to him, “How could you think of doing this? We never thought it was possible.” The frog explained, “Hello everyone, thank you for so much encouragement! I’m really grateful to you, but I’m sorry I can’t respond correctly as I’m deaf.”

In the depths of depression, it can be very easy to believe that things can never get better, but stringing together some words of encouragement can do miracles. In the same way, discouragement can be debilitating and can cause a person to give up trying, and give up hoping. Take time to focus not on the noise that tells you to stop, but on your goals and ambitions. Listen to your intuition. Just because you fell once, or twice, or thrice, or for multiple numbers of times, doesn’t mean that you failed. There can still be ways to emerge as a winner. You have only discovered several ways that won’t work you, and so, the next time you try, you know many ways that won’t work. So, you can direct your energy to look for ways that might. Just because the majority thinks that something can’t be done, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re right. You mustn’t get swayed by the popular opinion and must stand for what you believe in.

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