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The Five Primary Numbers - Pythagorean Numerology

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Many of us have a misconception regarding what we really are. The society has created a stereotype for each person. It is a general expectation that each person should be able to fit into a specific group or category so that the function of the society as a whole becomes easier. This is how herds are created. This is how even the lab rats are trained. To set our moral values, ever since our childhood, certain behaviors are rewarded and for others, we are punished repeatedly. We are being trained to fit in by responding in approved ways. Being thin and fair is considered to be more beautiful than being dark and stout, where as the reality is, all colors are equally beautiful. Red, white, green, blue, black, all are equally appealing. Whether you are thin or you are curvy, what matters more is you should be fit and free from disease. Your body can have any shape and color and you can still be beautiful. When a child starts attending school, he realizes that if he has a question to ask, he has to raise his hand rather than interrupting the teacher. If he doesn’t do so, the deviation from the accepted norm, would be considered abnormal. So, for the child, behaving in the typical manner is absolutely important because anything different, won’t be accepted.

So, generation after generation, we keep on inheriting the customs and ideologies practiced by our ancestors. We don’t question why we should do it because if we question, we deviate and deviation from the herd means we are abnormal. But, we want to be perfectly normal and typical. So, we push ourselves to study long hours, obey authority, conform to all norms and then find a job suited to ensure future security. We teach ourselves day and night to be loyal employees. “I” must never ask for its self and just go on because in the end it will surely payoff to us. But does it?

The beauty of Pythagorean Numerology is, it simplifies the chaos and makes all of it fall in a pattern. Looking inside becomes very simple when you break yourself down into some simple number codes. The five most important number codes that we are born with are called the Five Primary Numbers. These numbers create our Personality Chart. This chart reflects the qualities of our mind; the strengths and the weaknesses that are intrinsic to us. This is the domain over which we can have complete control. Our strengths are the things we can leverage on, something that comes easily to us. While our weaknesses may hold us back from achieving many great things. So, in order to have complete personal growth, we need to continuously remind ourselves to work upon them. But first, we need to identify them. We need to precisely realize the qualities that make us unique as this will help us understand how exactly to function. For instance, if we are looking at career options, we would be able to narrow down specific opportunities based on the things we know we are good at. We can also refrain from choosing options that may bring our weaknesses into focus. As a matter of fact, it is always better to focus more on our strengths instead of bringing our weaknesses into the limelight. By choosing to enhance our strengths, we will be able to get the best out of opportunities and keep away from falling into problems. Our overall performance in life will be upgraded.

The meanings of the five Primary Numbers which are the core components of our Personality Chart or the domain of our influence are explained below:

1. The Life Path Number: Well, maybe you are in a hurry to reach your destination, but Numerology says life is a journey and it is the journey that matters more and not reaching the destination anyhow. So, first of all relax and try to enjoy the moment right now because this moment is your life. This one moment in brief describes how you will travel the whole path because how you do one thing shows how you do everything.

The Life Path Number is the most important component of your Personality Chart. You could be aware of the path which you must follow or sometimes even be unaware of it. In either case just find out the meaning of this number code and you will simply know what to do and how to get cosmic support. The major confusion in your life will end.

It is important that you allow this number to play fully in your life. There can be situations which may make you sway from your path because life will never be without challenges. The realization of your Life Path or Life Lesson may not come easy to you. Yet the cosmic forces will ensure you are being pushed towards it anyways. Remember challenges are nothing, but lessons in your path which will help you in strengthening your character. Through these challenges, you will learn to improve upon your weaknesses and develop your strengths. So, embrace your path and the challenges that come along.

2. The Destiny Number: This is the second-most important number for you to take note of. The previous number, the Life Path or the Life Lesson number, as I mentioned describes the path which you are supposed to follow and the lessons which you are supposed to learn in this lifetime. The Destiny number on the other hand indicates the goals which you are supposed to achieve by following your Life Path. Once again, it is important to note that no one; neither you nor anyone else would be able to reach your goals too easy without even fighting for it.

Unlike the Life Path number, the Destiny number is always present in your awareness, unless your birth name was changed at an early age. The Destiny Number is derived from your first full name after birth and the influence of this number always remains even if you change your name. So, realize that there is no running away from it. However you can add certain missing qualities in your character with the help of a name change and smooth your journey towards your destiny.

This number represents a target that you chase every day. It reveals certain talents and abilities that you were born with; the degree of evolution of your soul when you were born and the information contained within that. This number represents ultimately where you will end up. All this melodrama for what when ultimately you’re going to be back to square one! What then remains to be done? Well, a lot. Each number defines a wide spectrum of possibilities and the more you get acquainted with a number, more possibilities you will be able to discover. In this life through which you will travel, there will be endless discoveries. So, remain open because even when you know, you exactly don’t know what will be coming.

3. The Soul Number: I consider this number to be the third most important number in our Numerology blue-print. This number indicates the information that you have collected over the previous lifetimes. Well, yes, I am indicating the philosophy of reincarnation out here and I really plan to elaborate further on the philosophy of reincarnation as it is very interesting, but maybe not in this book.

Now, coming back to this number; the information that you were exposed to during your previous lifetimes have shaped your deepest desires and dreams in the present lifetime. These desires could be so strong within you that they may totally suppress the effect of all other numbers in your blue-print. The Life Path and Destiny numbers may fall weaker if not your Soul number is in tune. This number will always play a strong role behind determining most of your choices in life.

The Life Path, Destiny and Soul, together indicate three most important dots in your blue-print which are absolutely necessary to connect. Mentioned below are the other two dots which will form a vital part of the qualities that you project outside.

4. The Personality Number: This number indicates the aspects of your character that you reveal to the outside world. When this number matches with the Soul Number, it indicates you are a very genuine person. But, then most of us are not, so in most cases you will see that the Personality number gives different information as compared to the Soul Number.

The Personality number reflects your mannerisms, body language and all the non-verbal signals of communication that you send out at the onset of any relationship. But, as people come closer and get to know you better, they slowly sense your true inner character.

5. The Birthday Number: Amongst the five Primary Numbers, I am mentioning this number last because to me this is lesser important than the other four numbers which provide more clues to how you could be. However, even then, your birthday is very important because it will mark the onset of every important life cycle in your life. It is really a very important day of your life.

The Birthday number indicates certain key characteristics which are inherent to you. Also when I see this number with respect to your Life Path number, it reveals some more details about your journey of life.

These five Primary Numbers play a key role in defining more-or-less who you are, what your purpose in life is and how you can be happy. Mentioned below are the methods by which you can derive each of these numbers for yourself. Let us take an example as below:

Name – Prabir Chandra Paul

Date of Birth – 23rd January 1947

·The Life Path Number: This number is calculated from your date of birth. To calculate this number, you need to first reduce the year number (which is 1947 in this case) into a double-digit value (1 + 9 + 4 + 7 = 21). Then you have to add all the three double-digit values (the month of January would be a single-digit value) to find the final double-digit sum. The final step would be reducing the final double-digit value to get the single-digit base code. In Pythagorean Numerology, all values are always reduced to a final single-digit base code. Now, let us see the calculation:

23rd January 1947

= 23 + 1 + (1 + 9 + 4 + 7)

= 23 + 1 + 21

= 45

= 4 + 5

= 9 (This would be written as Life Path 45/9)

As you can see, the Life Path number out here reduces to 45/9, in which 45 is the double-digit code and the final base value for the name is 9. So, 9 is the basic Life Path number out here and the code 45 derived before the final reduction, provides finer information about the base Life Path. There can be other ways too by which you could be deriving a 9 with different birth dates, for example, it could be 18/9 or 27/9 or even 63/9, and each double digit variation would have the same base quality, but the finer qualities would be different. Each variation of 9 would tell a unique story of its own.

·The Destiny Number: This number is calculated from your first full name after birth. Please note that you have to use the full name (including the first, middle and last all of it). The example case has first, middle and last name. In case you don’t have a middle name, only use the first and last names.

Over the years several people have also repeatedly asked me whether or not they must include the honorifics like Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Sir, Lady, Sr., Jr., Captain, Father, Sister, etc. while calculating. Well, my answer is, No! Please only use the name!

To go about the calculation, first you need to know that each letter of the alphabet resonates to a particular number. You can find the chart below and see the numeric values of all the letters:

Once you know the numeric values of all the letters, you have to arrange these numeric values with respect to the letters of your name, add the numbers, derive the sum and finally reduce it to a single digit base value by using the number reduction method. Reducing to a single-digit base value is a thumb-rule.

As you can see, the name above reduces to 82/1, hence, the double-digit code 82 out here provides the finer information and 1 is the base information.

The Soul Number: This number too is calculated from your first full name after birth. To calculate this, you have to short-list all the vowels in the name and then add the numeric values of the vowels derive the sum and finally reduce it to a single-digit base value.

As you can see, the Soul Number out here reduces to 23/5. The vowels as we know are A, E, I, O and U but, in the above example, we only have A, E, I and O as vowels. In some cases, the letters “Y” and “W” are also considered to be vowels. It happens when they play the role of a vowel in a speech sound or a syllable. For example, in the names “Surily”, “Yves” or “Mary”, “Y” plays the role of a vowel sound before or following a consonant. However, in the names “Yousef” or “Joyee”, the “Y” is playing the role of a consonant followed by a vowel sound. Similarly in the names “William” or “Weston”, “W” plays the role of a consonant. However, in the names “Dwight” or “Gwen”, specifically where “W” follows the letters “D and “G”, it is considered to be a vowel.


The Personality Number: This number, once again is calculated from your first full name post birth. It is the sum of numeric values of all the consonants in your name reduced to a single-digit base code.

We can see that the Personality Number out here is 66/3

·The Birthday Number: Deriving this number is simplest of all. It is basically your date of birth reduced to a single-digit. For example, Prabir Chandra Paul was born on the 23rd of January 1947. So, his Birthday Number would be 23/5.

Each of these numbers uncovers hidden meanings related to your life purpose. Each number represents an energy or frequency which can be allowed to play to its full potential. Each form of energy can be made to act either in its positive end or in its negative end. Energy is neither good nor bad and it all depends on how we use it and what we end up tapping. It is possible we could be unknowingly tapping the negative end of our energies and activating our weaknesses.

The five Primary Numbers are like dots waiting to be joined by you. These outline endless possibilities waiting to be realized. Once all the dots are connected, you will be able to make sense of every random life experience that you passed through. Nothing happened in your life without a reason. Even the worst of the experiences were actually wonderful strokes of luck which have brought you here finally. Things might not have turned up the way you wanted, but, you are exactly where you should have been.

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