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Numerology Calculator

Numerology Calculator is a very useful tool for you to discover the hidden numbers that are present in your name / business name / Vehicle Number or date of birth to derive the double digit and single digit value that your name holds. This is a free software and you may download this on your system to help you find your numbers at anytime.

This App is perfect as it is simple to use and provides you with number values for every letter typed instantly. On the top you have the vowel summation with translates to your 'Soul Urge' number the second row provides 'Destiny' number which is the total of your name, and the third row provides the 'Personality' number which is the summation of the

consonants in your name.

This app is the first stepping stone on your journey to discovering yourself through numerology. Once you know your numbers, then you can proceed to learn about the meanings of the different numbers that are present in your name and birth chart.

Visit the Blog and Vlog sections in the site to know the number meanings, feel free to reach out to me anytime if you need guidance.

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